• jQAssistant Lunch – October 2021
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    Only one week to go for our next lunch session: 07.10.2021, 12:00 (CEST)! This time the hands-on will provide an Introduction to Architecture Decisions Records (ADRs) and Validation with jQAssistant. If you’re interested please register here. For those who missed our September lunch: here is the Introduction to Software Analytics using jQAssistant & Jupyter Notebooks…

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  • jQAssistant 1.10.0 released
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    jQAssistant 1.10.0 is available now and it comes with the following new features: Java Generics The Java scanner – after a long time – finally supports generic types, e.g. private List<FederationUploadKey> originalKeys; is represented in the graph by (field:Field)-[:OF_GENERIC_TYPE]->(parameterizedType:ParameterizedType), (parameterizedType)-[:OF_RAW_TYPE]->(fieldType:Type{fqn:"java.util.List"}), (parameterizedType)-[:HAS_ACTUAL_TYPE_ARGUMENT{index:0}]->(typeArgument), (typeArgument)-[:OF_RAW_TYPE]->(elementType:Type{fqn:"app.coronawarn.server.common.persistence.domain.FederationUploadKey"}) The graph model has been designed such that it stays as close as…

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  • jQAssistant Lunch
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    It’s lunch time! We’re setting up monthly live sessions (in German language) where we – the people behind jQAssistant – want to get in closer contact with you, our community. This is on our regular menu: News: What’s new in the jQAssistant universe? All about new releases, features, plugins, etc. from us and our community!…

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