Enforce messages for ignored JUnit tests

Enforce messages for ignored JUnit tests

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During the last days two posts Find JUnit assertions without a message and Find JUnit tests without assertions have been published here about useful rules regarding proper usage of JUnit.

Now a colleague came up with the hint that it would be very useful to ensure that every occurrence of the annotation @org.junit.Ignore shall provide a message why a particular test class or method is ignored:

  @Ignore // No message is provided
  public void test1() {

  @Ignore("Requires fix for ticket XYZ.")
  public void test2() {

The method „test1“ does not provide any context information why it has been disabled whereas „test2“ does. Thus for setting up a rule we need to find all annotations of type @org.junit.Ignore which do not have an attribute value named „value“:


    <constraint id="junit4:IgnoreWithoutMessage">
        <description>All @Ignore annotations must provide a message.</description>
              ignoreType.fqn= "org.junit.Ignore"
              and not (ignore)-[:HAS]->(:Value{name:"value"})
              e as IgnoreWithoutMessage


So this is another candidate for the jQAssistant JUnit4 plugin.

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