GPLv3 License

jQAssistant is contributed as Open Source under the GNU General Public License, v3.

Let’s summarize what this means for you – independently if you’re going to use it in private, scientific or commercial contexts:


  • You can use the tool for free to analyze any application, e.g. as part of your build process.


  • You can extend or change the functionality of jQAssistant to make it fit to your own needs, e.g. by writing your own plugins.
  • You can embed jQAssistant or parts of it into your own application as a library, e.g. by creating an integration with your own build tool. You don’t not need to publish the source code as long as you’re not going to redistribute it to others.
  • If you redistribute such derived work you’re obligated to do this under a license which is compatible with GPLv3.

For further details refer to the license terms and the FAQ. If you have questions or doubts feel free to send an e-mail.

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