It’s Summer Time!

It’s Summer Time!

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The next jQAssistant release (1.1.0) is close to be finished and it will bring you some interesting enhancements. The most notable ones are:

  • Improved support for scanning Maven repositories, i.e. full resolution of dependencies, plugins, etc. including filtering of artifacts that shall be scanned or not
  • A new report plugin that allows exporting the result of cypher queries as GraphML documents which can then be used for visualization or analysis in tools like yEd or Gephi.

But… it’s summer time here in Germany and this means vacations! So the release will have to wait until the first week of September 2015 and you’ll need to be patient until mid August for getting answers or comments on Stackoverflow, Google or GitHub.

Nevertheless wishing you a pleasant time and stay tuned for the next updates to come!

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  1. Ronan  - 10. September 2015 - 14:36


    I just started to use JQAssistant to replace Macker. It seems a very powerfool tool. Thanks for developing this :)

    I am using it to do structural checks on our Java project. We want to ensure no wrong dependencies between our DDD (Domain Driven Design) layers.

    2 remarks :

    1) More tutorials would be welcome for beginners like I am. I spent quite some time figuring out how to create concepts and use them in constraints.

    2) Seems that google group is NOT open to everyone. I could not comment there.

    Thx again and keep up the good work :)

    • Dirk Mahler  - 10. September 2015 - 15:06

      Hi Ronan,

      the use case sounds interesting, can you provide an example how you solved it using jQA (e.g. a blog post ould be great)!

      For your remarks:

      1) Providing more tutorials is a an issue that has been mentioned several times… Understanding the use cases of (potential) users could help to create them step by step – so feedback is required (see above).
      2) The group should be readable by everyone, posting is only allowed if you become a member of the group. Just give me the request and it will be accepted.



    • Dirk Mahler  - 11. September 2015 - 20:10

      This is great stuff – thanks a lot!

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