Java DDD plugin released

Java DDD plugin released

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Today we’re proud to announce a new plug-in for the jQAssistant ecosystem: The jQA Java DDD plug-in!

With this new jQAssistant plug-in it’s easily possible to map the well-known concepts of Domain-Driven Design to your codebase, make the information available in the graph for querying and defining
architectural constraints on them.

To accomplish this, the DDD plug-in consists of two parts. First, the plug-in provides Java annotations for all supported DDD concepts (see image below) which can be applied to package descriptors (affecting all classes contained in it) and classes. With them, the concepts will be mapped to the codebase. During the jQAssistant scan, this information will be enriched in the graph database to be used in queries and constraints.

The plug-in also comes with a few basic constraints. These are designed to be rather defensive, making it possible to introduce the plug-in to projects that are not (yet) following DDD principles to support the transitioning process.

The plug-in is available under the following maven-Coordinates:


For detailed documentation and examples, please take a look into the provided documentation and the 101 tutorial.

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