JavaOne Latin America 2016

JavaOne Latin America 2016

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Do good and tell about it! So we proposed the talk „Yes We Scan – Software Analysis Using jQAssistant“ for this JavaOne Latin America 2016 – and we got accepted!

The conference took place from 28th to 30th of June in São Paulo (Brazil) at the same time and location as Oracle’s OpenWorld which is less technology but more business oriented. This combination created a quite interesting mix of people at the venue but at least it seemed that there was only little overlap within the audiences and that JavaOne had a bit less weight

The agenda of the conference provided over 50 sessions with a focus on the topics which are „hot“ these days: Microservices, Containers, Cloud, IoT and Machine Learning. Lots of the talks demonstrated these approaches and technologies in combination with Java EE. This is not a surprise as Oracle stands behind the conference but it seemed a bit odd under the circumstances that there’s currently much uncertainty about future developments of the standard.

The talk about jQAssistant was scheduled on the very first day as one of the first sessions in the morning and sadly many people joined quite late which was a pity. Nevertheless at the end there were very good questions, feedback and discussions with the attendees! If you’ve been there and you are interested in the slides you can download them here, further explanations on the demonstrated explorations can be found in the blog posts Yes We Scan – Exploring Libraries, Detecting differences between JAR files and Log and Throw.

After the talk there was plenty of time left for having chats with other attendees or speakers and of course visiting sessions. Two of them shall be mentioned here because they were very informative and enjoyable despite the fact that at least they did not carry the big buzzwords in their titles: Andres Almiray showing a collection of Java Libraries You Can’t Afford to Miss and Mark Heckler’s This Stuff Is Cool, but How Can I Get My Company to Do It?.

Yes We Scan! Software Analysis Using jQAssistant And Neo4j (PDF)


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