jQAssistant 1.1.0 released

jQAssistant 1.1.0 released

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jQAssistant 1.1.0 is now available and you’re encouraged to use it! You can find the changes in the release notes, the most notable ones are:

Rules in AsciiDoc files

There is now full support for embedding concepts, constraints and groups in AsciiDoc files. This allows to create development guides containing rules which may be executed by jQAssistant during an analysis and which may also be rendered to HTML. For an example refer to the fork of the Spring PetClinic application which defines several example rules and reports.

GraphML export

A report plugin is now provided that allows exporting the result of concepts to be exported as GraphML documents which then may be imported into tools like yED or Gephi for visualization and further analysis (documentation). The following example (written in AsciiDoc) exports all types and their dependencies:

.Export all types and their optional dependencies to other types.
  type, collect(dependency)

YAML plugin

A scanner plugin has been added that automatically picks up YAML files (*.yaml) and stores their structure in the database (documentation).

Updated M2 repository scanner

The Maven repository scanner plugin now resolves the POM model for each scanned artifact thus that the effective dependencies, plugins, properties etc. are stored in the database. Further parameters have been added to allow filtering artifacts (documentation). A scan may be triggered from the command line as follows:

jqassistant.sh scan -u maven:repository::http://repository-host:port/repository-path


You may download a binary distribution from the project site. In case of Maven just upgrade the version of the jQAssistant Maven plugin in your POM files to „1.1.0“.


If you find any issues please report them at GitHub. Any questions or suggestions are highly welcome at Stackoverflow or on the Google group.

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