jQAssistant 1.1.3 released

jQAssistant 1.1.3 released

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The new jQAssistant release 1.1.3 is available for download as standalone distribution or via Maven central repository and provides

– an upgrade to Neo4j 2.3.3
– improved support for complex Maven reactors,
– support for specifying a severity on the level of rule groups,
– selection of a specific report type per rule (e.g. „graphml“),
– an option to ignore errors while scanning

Despite these changes special thanks go to Ralf Zozmann (eXXcellent solutions) for updating the SonarQube-Plugin to provide 5.x compatibility and Christofer Dutz (codecentric) for pushing the functionality of the GraphML report plugin forward.

For more information on the changes please refer to the release notes.

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