jQAssistant 1.1.4 released

jQAssistant 1.1.4 released

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A new jQAssistant release 1.1.4 is now available from Maven central and as downloadable ZIP distribution, the release notes are available here. Beside an upgrade to Neo4j. 2.3.7 it mainly contains bugfixes but also brings some enhancements which shall be summarized here.

Generic file pattern support

It is now possible to provide „include“ and „exclude“ file patterns for scanning. An example would be excluding all libraries while a scanning WAR, therefore a file „scan.properties“ with the following content needs to be created:


This file can be passed to the command line as follows:

jqassistant.sh scan -p scan.properties -f web-application.war

XML-file patterns

There are already several plugins for scanning specific XML file types (e.g. persistence.xml). It is now possible to specify file patterns as scanner properties (see above) to the generic XML file scanner to include XML files which are not explicitly supported, e.g.


For these files a generic XML representation will be created (see documentation), e.g.:

  xmlFile.fileName, collect(ejbClassName.value)

Field constants

A Java class may declare constants, e.g.

public class MyClass {

  public static final String FOO = "bar";


Thanks to a contribution from the community these values are now available in the graph (in a similar way to annotation values):

  t.fqn, f.name, value.value

Weight of DEPENDS_ON relations

The scanner for Java classes now adds an attribute „weight“ to DEPENDS_ON relations which represents the count of occurrences a referenced type:

  t1.fqn, t2.fqn, d.weight
  d.weight desc

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