jQAssistant 1.11.1 released

jQAssistant 1.11.1 released

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jQAssistant 1.11.1 has been released and it comes with the following new features:

Distributing AsciiDoc Reports In Plugins

jQAssistant allows embedding rules in AsciiDoc files and rendering them to HTML documents including the results as tables, diagrams or linked files. So far this has only been supported for AsciiDoc files which were part of the project (i.e. located in the folder „jqassistant/“).

This is now supported as well for AsciiDoc files which are distributed as part of plugins. If such a file is named index.adoc it will be rendered automatically, furthermore it is possible to include AsciiDoc files provided by plugins. For details refer to the documentation of the AsciiDoc Report plugin in the user manual.

Improved Tool Integration

The XML report created during analysis (i.e. jqassistant-report.xml) has been extended to allow better integration with tools like SonarQube. The changes mostly affect the location of detected violations in the source code. An updated version of the jQAssistant SonarQube Plugin making use of this information will soon be available.

Update 01.02.2022: The jQAssistant Plugin for SonarQube 1.11.0 has been released to the Marketplace.

Plugin Id

Every plugin can now be identified by an unique id. This is a preparation for upcoming improvements in the configuration mechanism of jQAssistant.

Distributions, Release Notes and Examples

Users of the Maven plugin only need to update the jQAssistant version in their pom.xml file:


The command line distribution is available for download here

A full list of changes is available in the Release Notes.

If you’re looking for examples refer to the Corona Warn App Server, Spring PetClinic and Piggy Metrics applications.

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