jQAssistant 1.5.0 released

jQAssistant 1.5.0 released

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We released jQAssistant 1.5.0 and it comes with the following noteworthy changes:

Rule references using wildcards

It is now possible to use wildcards for referencing rules, e.g. to include concepts or constraints in groups:

== Layer

:Main and :Test labels for Maven artifacts

The Maven project scanner now adds :Main and :Test labels to artifacts allowing for queries like this:

 // All types compiled from src/main/java

Improvements to Spring rules

The default constraints provided by the Spring plugin have been improved to report less false-positives for test code and generated classes (e.g. compiled from Groovy).
For an introduction see the 101 tutorial.

Line numbers for XML structures

The XML scanner now adds a lineNumber property to :Xml:Document, :Xml:Element, :Xml:CData and :Xml:Text nodes. Thanks for the contribution to Simon Nagl!

Upgraded Neo4j and APOC

The version of the embedded Neo4j server has been upgraded (3.4.8) as well as the included APOC libraries (
Furthermore the Maven plugin and the command line utility now allow more flexible configuration of the embedded server (HTTP/BOLT ports as well as activating/deactivating APOC) and a problem with parallel builds and conflicting port allocations has been solved.

Simplified versioning scheme

The plugins of the jQAssistant main distribution now use a three-digit versioning scheme (i.e. „1.5.0“ instead of „1.4“ before) equivalent to the framework and Maven/CLI distributions. This allows plugin developers to maintain only one version property for referenced jQAssistant artifacts.

A full list of changes can be found in the release notes.


The command line distribution is available for download as ZIP archives in two flavors: Neo4j v3
(Java 8 required) and Neo4j v2 (Java 7 required).

Fo users of the Maven plugin just the version needs to be changed to 1.5.0.



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