jQAssistant 1.6.0 released

jQAssistant 1.6.0 released

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We released jQAssistant 1.6.0 and it comes with the following improvements:

Dependency Graph for Maven Projects

The full dependency graph of a Maven project is now scanned if jQAssistant is used as Maven plugin and can be visualized in the browser using the following query:


Here’s the result for the Spring PetClinic demo:

URL and SCM Information

Additional meta-information about Maven projects is scanned from pom.xml files and stored in the graph:

  • SCM information:
    MATCH (p:Maven:Pom)-[:HAS_SCM]->(s:Maven:Scm) RETURN s
  • Project URL:
    MATCH (p:Maven:Pom) RETURN p.url

Rule Overview Per Plugin

jQAssistant plugins provide lots of concepts and constraints. For better navigation the manual now provides an overview of rules for each plugin, e.g. the JPA2 plugin.

The full list of changes is available in the Release Notes.


Users of the Maven plugin just need to update the jQAssistant version in their pom.xml file:


The command line distribution is available for download including Neo4j v3 and
Neo4j v2.

Updated Spring PetClinic Demo

The Spring PetClinic demo has been upgraded to jQAssistant 1.6.0 and includes setups for most recent releases of additional plugins:

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