jQAssistant 1.9.1 released

jQAssistant 1.9.1 released

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jQAssistant 1.9.1 is now available and it comes with the following new features:

Rules in YAML files

Beside Asciidoc and XML files rules now may be written in YAML files as well:

  - id: java:Throwable
    description: Labels types deriving from java.lang.Throwable as "Throwable".
    source: |
        t.fqn = 'java.lang.Throwable'
        count(throwable) AS Throwables

There’s even a JSON schema available to allow validation by IDEs: https://schema.jqassistant.org/rule/jqassistant-rule-v1.8.schema.json. For example how to set up IntelliJ IDEA you can find the instructions here.

New YAML file scanner

This release comes with a new YAML scanner which generates a much better model in the graph. The old scanner currently co-exists with the new one, but will be removed in later releases. It is highly recommended to start the migration as soon as possible, more information can be found in the reference documentation.

Scanner for GraphQL schemas

There’s a new scanner for importing GraphQL schemas. They can be read either from SDL files using .graphql as file extension or directly via endpoint introspection, e.g.

jqassistant scan -u graphql:schema::https://bahnql.herokuapp.com/graphql

The graph model is described here.

Using Standalone Neo4j Servers

Scans via to standalone Neo4j instances (e.g. Docker container) have been optimized for much better performance! As a side effect scanning in general got much faster as well for embedded databases on large Maven reactors (verified with up to ~2700 modules).

Started Overhauling Our Documentation

We started splitting our documentation into a „User Guide“ and a „Reference“. Currently the old manual and the new documents co-exist, the content will be moved step by step to the new structure.

Distributions, Release Notes and Examples

Users of the Maven plugin only need to update the jQAssistant version in their pom.xml file:


The command line distribution is available for download here

A full list of changes is available in the Release Notes.

If you’re looking for examples refer to the Spring PetClinic and Piggy Metrics applications.

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