jQAssistant C4 Plugin 1.0.0 released

jQAssistant C4 Plugin 1.0.0 released

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We would like to give a warm welcome to a new member in our eco-system:

jQAssistant C4 Plugin

The C4 model was created by Simon Brown and…

„…is a lean graphical notation technique for modelling the architecture of software systems. It is based on a structural decomposition of a system into containers and components and relies on existing modelling techniques such as the Unified Modelling Language (UML) or Entity Relation Diagrams (ERD) for the more detailed decomposition of the architectural building blocks.“ (Wikipedia)

The jQAssistant C4 plugin provides an integration of jQAssistant with C4-PlantUML. It allows to scan PlantUML files (.puml) that contain one of the following diagram types from the C4-Model:

  • Context Diagram
  • Container Diagram
  • Component Diagram

With that, the documented architecture can be enriched in the software graph created by jQAssisstant.
The ability to scan C4 diagrams also allows to validate the AS-IS architecture (implemented structures) against the TO-BE architecture (documented architecture).

Details on using the plugin can be found on the GitHub project site – enjoy!

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