jQAssistant Context Mapper Integration Released

jQAssistant Context Mapper Integration Released

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We’re happy to announce a new plug-in for jQAssistant. From this time on, you can integrate jQAssistant with Context Mapper, which is a modeling framework for Strategic Domain-driven Design.

The jqassistant-context-mapper-plugin allows you to scan existing Context Mapper models so that you can query Context Maps, Bounded Contexts, and relationships between Bounded Contexts. Furthermore, it also supports Domain and Subdomain model aspects as well as the information of which Bounded Context implements them.

The integration allows to have your defined architecture available for validating the actual implementation against it. The only piece you need is the information about how Bounded Contexts manifest in your codebase. And the best about it: You can easily do this with annotations using jMolecules and the existing jqassistant-jmolecules-plugin (see its plugin for more details on GitHub). Now, to-be and as-is structure can be validated against each other as easy as never before.

But wait: You can not only scan existing Context Mapper models but also generate Context Maps as part of your living documentation. You only need a query returning Bounded Context nodes and their relationships, no matter if this information is coming from a scanned Context Mapper map, jMolecules, or a custom enrichment. A possible result is shown below.

Example of a generated Context Mapper map.

For further information on how to use the plug-in check out the official documentation.

For a quick overview check out the Hands-On video (German language):

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