jQAssistant Double Features

jQAssistant Double Features

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During the last three weeks there were two „jQAssistant Double Feature“ events at the Java User Group Switzerland (JUG CH) and the Software Architecture Meetup Nuremberg:

Dirk Mahler started with a talk introducing the tool jQAssistant giving an overview about use cases and how it works.
In the second talk Stephan Pirnbaum explained pragmatic and efficient documentation of architectural decisions using „Architecture Decision Records“ (ADRs) and how this is supported by jQAssistant.

The talk at JUG CH has been recorded. So in case you missed it there’s a chance to watch it here (German):

And here are the slides (as presented at the Software Architecture Meetup Nuremberg, German):

jQAssistant – Introduction
Architecture Decision Records

We heavily enjoyed both events, thanks a lot to the organizers for making this happen and the attendees for the good discussions!

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