jQAssistant Plugin 1.9.0 for SonarQube Released

jQAssistant Plugin 1.9.0 for SonarQube Released

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We have a new release of the jQAssistant plugin for SonarQube available now, it comes with two major changes:

Filterable Ad-hoc Rules

Until now all issues were created either as „Constraint Violation“ or „Failed Concept“ which made it impossible to search for concrete rules as specified in your XML or Asciidoc files. The plugin therefore now creates ad-hoc rules/external issues where possible which can be filtered.

Improved Multi-Module Support

The support for multi-module projects (e.g. Maven) has been extended such that multiple jQAssistant reports from different modules are picked up automatically, making it more suitable for complex project structures.

Installation & Documentation

The plugin is now available on the SonarQube market place, installation and usage instructions are available on the project homepage, the release notes are available here.


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