The jQAssistant Dashboard

The jQAssistant Dashboard

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We invite you to welcome a new contribution to the jQAssistant eco-system:

An extensible dashboard for interactive visualization of software structures and metrics.

It is a contribution of the research group Visual Software Analytics (Leipzig University) and has mainly been developed by Tino Mewes. For a first impression have a look at the following screencast which has been created for a presentation at the VISSOFT 2018 conference (Madrid):

Want to give it a try? The project is available on GitHub. Just follow the installation instructions there.

Furthermore, you’ll need a project that shall be visualized. We’ve prepared something for you:

  • Clone the JUnit demo repository
  • Checkout the branch „jqassistant/vissoft-2018“ containing the jQAssistant setup and required concepts
  • Build the project using „mvn install“
  • Start the embedded Neo4j server using „mvn jqassistant:server“
  • Run the dashboard and enjoy!

Feedback is highly welcome: you’re invited to drop messages to the Google group or Stackoverflow as well es creating issues!

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