Workshop: „Let’s Disassemble A Monolith!“

Workshop: „Let’s Disassemble A Monolith!“

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In discussions with jQAssistant users we’re repeatingly asked about the following scenario: analysis and refactoring of monolithic Java systems. These have usually aged over many years and are packed with business critical functionality, implemented by many developers that joined and left the project taking their knowledge away.

Since quite some time there’s now also a discussion about Microservices and what’s better or (more recently) also worse about them. Now the question is raising up whether such aged monolothic systems should and can be transformed into that now state-of-the-art architecture style. This of course should be be achieveable in an effective way that is plannable and as well minimizes risks.

To answer such questions we (buschmais GbR) created a new 2-day workshop called „Let’s Disassemble A Monolith!“. It interactively demonstrates how an existing open source eCommerce system implemented in Java can be transformed into a Microservices architecture. This is performed in an iterative way and heavily supported by – you guess it – software analytics using jQAssistant.

If you’re interested we invite you to visit the workshop page. For any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Please note that this workshop is currently only offered in German language.

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