Workshop Special: jQAssistant – Getting Started!

Workshop Special: jQAssistant – Getting Started!

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The fastest way to get up and running with a tool like jQAssistant is a hands-on session with an experienced trainer as your guide. That’s the reason why we created a workshop with a duration of two days that provides all the information and interactive help you need for effectively getting started within your own projects.
The next chance for you to attend comes in a few weeks on 22nd & 23rd of August 2016 in Dresden, it will be given in german language and here’s the agenda:

Day 1: Exploration and Visualization

  • Overview about jQAssistant
  • Introduction into the graph database Neo4j and the query language Cypher
  • Scanning using the command line tool
  • Gathering metrics and filtering
  • Impact analysis
  • Detecting (anti-)patterns
  • Working with pre-defined rules
  • Visualization of structures

Day 2: Continuous Validation of Software Structures

  • Integration of jQAssistant and Maven
  • Writing rules as executable developer guidelines using Asciidoc
  • Restricting usage of third-party APIs
  • Definition of design and architecture concepts
  • Enforcing naming conventions based on concepts
  • Dependency management and validation of architectural constraints
  • Definition and usage of plugins
  • Creating individual reports in custom formats

To attend the workshop you should be a developer or QA engineer with at least intermediate knowledge in Java and basic experience with Apache Maven. For each topic there will be introductory slides and runnable examples for immediately getting „hands-on“!

You’re interested? The full set of information about the workshop including terms & conditions is available on the training site of buschmais GbR (german). For individual offers, in-house workshops etc. please send a mail to

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