„Yes we scan“ at JavaLand 2015

„Yes we scan“ at JavaLand 2015

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After a great start last year JavaLand will be back in 2015 from March 24th to March 26th with talks, workshops and many chances to meet the people from the Java community.

One thing you definitively should not miss if you’re interested in software quality and static code analysis is the talk „Yes we scan – Software analysis using jQAssistant“ on Wednesday 3pm:

This time we do not focus on problems within the applications we create ourselves but on the 3rd party libraries we use for them. They’re also just „software“ and created by human beings – so there are good reasons to have a closer look at them: Are there exceptions which could be thrown but which are not documented anywhere? At which points does a minor upgrade break existing API contracts or bring in unwanted new dependencies? Are there structural weaknesses that could cause problems in the future?

Let’s explore some popular frameworks and find useful insights – It will be a pleasure to see you there and get in interesting discussions afterwards!

Details: „Yes we scan – Software analysis using jQAssistant“

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